Subject Re: [IBO] Interbase/IBO very slow ?
Author Daniel Rail
At 13/02/2002 10:17 AM, you wrote:
>I have a number of applications written in Delphi 5 / Paradox. I am
>converting to Delphi/Interbase/IBO. Problem is the database access
>is considerably slower. Given I have minimal experience with
>Interbase/IBO/SQL I assume that the problem is more my convertional
>way of accessing the database i.e. query.insert ...,
> Can someone give me an example
>of how to properly do inserts, updates, and locate.
Are you using RequestLive for your queries? If so, maybe try using
RequestLive:=False and use IBO's query editor to set up your
statements(insert, update and delete). When doing a locate, look to see if
you have an index on the fields that you are querying, and if possible add
indices for those fields that you use in the Locate method. And also,
where possible(if not attached to visual components in your case), replace
TIBOQueries with TIB_Query or TIB_Cursor and if only doing an update,
insert or delete, use TIB_DSQL for the statements. I know that this can be
a tedious task if your application is big(I talk of experience).

One thing that I found out was to experiment until you find a good
balance(perfect is hard to achieve).

I hope this helps you get started. Your reaction was the same as my boss
when we first made the transition 1.5 years ago for the software that we
sell. And, now he couldn't possibly image using Paradox for the
application. Also, it's very stable in a multi-user environment.

Also, to add, you did make an excellent choice by going with IBO. You wont
regret it. I know we didn't.

And don't hesitate to ask more questions.

Have a nice day.

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