Subject Re: [IBO] Interbase/IBO very slow ?
Author slsolutions2002
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> At 13/02/2002 10:17 AM, you wrote:
> >Hello:
> >
> >I have a number of applications written in Delphi 5 / Paradox. I
> >converting to Delphi/Interbase/IBO. Problem is the database access
> >is considerably slower. Given I have minimal experience with
> >Interbase/IBO/SQL I assume that the problem is more my convertional
> >way of accessing the database i.e. query.insert ...,
> > Can someone give me an
> >of how to properly do inserts, updates, and locate.
> Are you using RequestLive for your queries? If so, maybe try using
> RequestLive:=False and use IBO's query editor to set up your
> statements(insert, update and delete). When doing a locate, look
to see if
> you have an index on the fields that you are querying, and if
possible add
> indices for those fields that you use in the Locate method. And
> where possible(if not attached to visual components in your case),
> TIBOQueries with TIB_Query or TIB_Cursor and if only doing an
> insert or delete, use TIB_DSQL for the statements. I know that
this can be
> a tedious task if your application is big(I talk of experience).
> One thing that I found out was to experiment until you find a good
> balance(perfect is hard to achieve).
> I hope this helps you get started. Your reaction was the same as
my boss
> when we first made the transition 1.5 years ago for the software
that we
> sell. And, now he couldn't possibly image using Paradox for the
> application. Also, it's very stable in a multi-user environment.
> Also, to add, you did make an excellent choice by going with IBO.
You wont
> regret it. I know we didn't.
> And don't hesitate to ask more questions.
> Have a nice day.
> Daniel Rail
> Senior System Engineer
> ACCRA Group Inc. (
> ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

Thanks much! Will give your suggestions a try. You also have a nice