Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Grid and editing
Sorry for not beeing specific. I use D6 and IBO 4.2Fr, the same
behaviour was with 4.2Fn (I did not use previous versions of IBO as I
started just with Fn).

By the 'key' I have meant character/keystroke, you were right.

Maybe it could be of some help, if you know, that TIB_Edit behaves
correctly - the selected text is replaced by typing new text.


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> Subject: Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid and editing
> > 1. When you type a key, then if AutoEdit is on, the content of the
> > cell is not replaced with the typed key, but the key is appended to
> > the end of the text. (The standard VCL Grid replaces the text
> > immediately), but the second situation is pretty much worse:
> By "key" I presume you mean character/keystroke.
> This is one of those situations where time could be saved by
> mentioning what version of IBO you are using. I know there were
> problems AutoEdit a few releases ago, AFAIK it is resolved in 4.2.F.
> > Do you have any hints?
> Give more information (versions etc) and we may be able to help.
> At this stage I cannot reproduce the problem here.
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