Subject GSG - Erratum
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
Marco Menardi pointed out an error in the Getting Started Guide that I'm about to fix. In the chapter "Datasets", in the topic "More Field Properties" it states:


Here you can define how text fields will be trimmed, if you want trimming. This property takes effect only in grids. The choices are NONE (the default), ALL to trim left and right to fit the Display Width, LEFT, RIGHT or BOTH for trimming leading and/or trailing spaces, and SENTENCE, to limit the text displayed to everything up to and including the first period (full-stop).

It is incorrect that this property takes effect only in grids. It takes effect at column level in the dataset object.

Some problems which Marco has with a non-nullable column which he defaults to a single blank space, along with the addition of the Booelan property TIB_Connection.DefaultNoTrimming in IBO 4, have prompted me also to add these recommendations:

a) if you store stand-alone blanks as meaningful characters in your data, you must set the NOTRIMMING field display attribute for that column in your application. For maximum protection of such data in any dataset, it is recommended that you set it globally, in your connection component's FieldsTrimming property ( TABLENAME.COLNAME=N ).

b) Do not set the column attribute BLANKISNULL true on any columns that have a NOT NULL constraint. (If Marco can provide the example I requested, I may go further and recommend that BLANKISNULL be explicitly set False for NOT NULL columns. I'll see what Marco comes up with, as I thought Jason had implemented this as default behaviour.)

c) I'll add a note to the discussion of the REQUIRED attribute to the effect that non-nullable columns that might store stand-alone blanks or empty string should have their NOTRIMMING attribute explicitly set true (and possibly also their BLANKISNULL property explicitly set False).

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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