Subject Re: How to improve performance of IBO.
Author Technisoft
At 00:46 09-02-2002 +0000, Allen wrote:
>The issue of updating the fields list when the database changes is just
>something you have to do as a maintenance item.

My problems in the past have stemmed from an occasional use of persistent
fields (usually to assist with formatting e.g. in grids). I can see that if
one always uses them then the procedure you suggest is easier to follow.

>BTW, if you use data modules and isolate all of your DML to the
>datamodules, then your changes are very limited in scope. At least there is
>a limit to the places where you have to check for use of the field.

I do use data modules, but sometimes one just wants to drop a query onto a
report form. Is this laziness?

Thanks for your comments

Peter Lawson