Subject Re: [IBO] FTS Bugs?
Author TeamIBO
> Yes , I completely missed your reply and I'm going over your
> comments. At any rate, when I run the FTS application with the
> default conditions created my index's don't get rebuilt by the app
> when making changes to the record. Are you experiencing something
> different? Did you try to test FTS?

I did some simple experiements but did not get around to anything
sophisticated. All seemed to work as expected.

I did realise something - the trigger we were discussing does not
apply to blob columns. You cant test if a blob equals a blank string
without UDFs. This may be where your problem lies.

Since you are using a blob column I suggest that there are only two

1. alter the trigger to use an appropriate UDF (there is a blob
comparison UDF on the IBO download site)

2. alter the triggers so that it does not check for blank strings

I actually thought that an error should have occured in the code if
the column was blob - but I have not experimented to see exactly what

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing