Subject Re: [IBO] FTS Bugs?
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 11:00 AM 08-02-02 +1100, Geoff wrote:

>Since you are using a blob column I suggest that there are only two
> 1. alter the trigger to use an appropriate UDF (there is a blob
> comparison UDF on the IBO download site)

In fact, that UDF compares two blobs, not a blob with a string. You would need to have your trigger create a "blank string blob" first before passing the two blobs to BlobCompare(). This would be relatively easy with Firebird, which can accept a string as input to a text blob, and impossible in any other version.

There are blob UDFs in FreeUDFLib, but make sure that you get the version from Claudio's site ( as the original version is buggy.

> 2. alter the triggers so that it does not check for blank strings

Unless you have some forced reason to store a blank string in a blob, i.e. a NOT NULL constraint on a blob column and your app pushing through a blank blob as a default, then your trigger can simply ignore null blobs. Even so, under some conditions, I suppose, you would still need to check for a blank blob if your application code doesn't prevent the user from storing them.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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