Subject Re: [IBO] Trying to report using QuickReport and IBOQuery
Author Daniel Rail
Helen is correct in saying that it's when your application is trying to
create a file.
It's related to TFileStream(it's found in the Classes unit) and QuickReport
uses it. The exception is generated when the file can't be
generated. Looking in Delphi's code, the exception is raised when the file
can't be created(no handle is returned from the function) and the function
is an API call to Kernel32. So the error is generated by Windows itself
and is not related to the connection to Interbase or IBO, since it's a
Delphi exception.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
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At 07/02/2002 02:23 PM, you wrote:
>On Wed, 6 Feb 2002 20:38:48 +0000 (UTC), helebor@...
>("Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)") wrote:
>I don't know why the application can't write a file. I have
>administrator permissions and I've no clues about what paths might be
>I can't look for a culprit file because the error message calls it
>"three little boxes"
> >
> >>Can anybody help me?
> >