Subject IBOQuery IB_Connection?
Author Paul Hope

V4.2Fr Win2KPro IB5.6

There seems to an inconsistency in the way IB_Connection displays in the
object inspector.

I put an IB_Connection on a form with an IBOQuery. In the object inspector
for the IBOQuery I try and select a IB_Connection1 from the drop down list -
it goes back to <default> but the DatabaseName property gets filled in
correctly. If I then change the DatabaseName in the connection the
IBOQuery DatabaseName also changes - so it's clearly connected even though
it shows <default>.

If I put 2 IB_Connections on the form then I can select IB_Connection2, but
selecting 1 reverts to default.

If I put an IB_Query on the form I can select Connection 1, 2 or default.

If I put an IB_Sessionprops on the form and put AllowDefaultConnection to
false then I can select connection1 or 2 in both cases.

I would certainly prefer that the IBOQuery behaves as the IB_Query so that
you know the connection is selected.