Subject Re: [IBO] TIBODatabase
Author Daniel Rail
At 06/02/2002 02:41 PM, you wrote:
>I have a strange problem. When I put a TIBODatabase component on a form (or
>an IB_Database component) it freezes Delphi. Actually, it seems to be
>talking down the network and runs the cpu at 100% chewing up memory. After
>a while Delphi disappears. Once or twice I got a stack overflow message. I
>can create either programatically without a problem. This was working just
>fine yesterday. I finally upgraded from V4.2Ea to V4.2Fr with no change in
>Anybody got any ideas?

First of all, I would look in the Temp directory to see if there isn't too
much temp files in there and you might have one that might cause this kind
of problem. Second, if you haven't rebooted your system since yesterday,
try that as well.

Also, what operating system do you have? I know with Win9x platforms, this
wasn't uncommon for me to this a few times a day(rebooting my system).

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