Subject RE: [IBO] TIBODatabase
Author Jerry Sands
>>I have a strange problem. When I put a TIBODatabase component on a form
>>an IB_Database component) it freezes Delphi. Actually, it seems to be
>>talking down the network and runs the cpu at 100% chewing up memory.
>>a while Delphi disappears. Once or twice I got a stack overflow message.
>>can create either programatically without a problem. This was working
>>fine yesterday. I finally upgraded from V4.2Ea to V4.2Fr with no change
>>Anybody got any ideas?
> First of all, I would look in the Temp directory to see if there isn't too
> much temp files in there and you might have one that might cause this kind

I have 5 gigs of free space on my c drive and 3 gigs on my d drive
I deleted all files out of the temp folders

> of problem. Second, if you haven't rebooted your system since yesterday,
try that as well.

I have re-booted many times which I have not done much of since I am running
Win 2000 with Service pack 2. I am using Delphi 5 Enterprise. The install
of Delphi on this machine has been running about 14 months and I have
installed the service pack in Delphi as well.

I have noticed things starting to work a little funny in Delphi such as when
I remove the code from component events Delphi no longer cleans up. I have
had to manually remove everything. I think I will just need to re-install
Delphi and hopefully that will take care of it. I am due to upgrade to
Delphi 6 soon but cannot wait. It just seems funny it only happens on those
two IBO components.

> Also, what operating system do you have? I know with Win9x
> platforms, this
> wasn't uncommon for me to this a few times a day(rebooting my system).
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