Subject Re: [IBO] Why subreleases are not first announced here?
Author Rob Schuff
I agree with Geoff and Marco...

Not only is it useful to know what might be new or fixed, its also a good
way to know what bugs have been found and fixed that I may not even know
about yet. A quick email with the sub-release's "release notes" entry would
be very much appreciated.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Why subreleases are not first announced here?

> > I announce them on the list when an issue brought up here is
> > resolved by it. There is no need to discuss that particular
> > sub-release here.
> Hmmm...
> To be perfectly honest I agree with Marco. A brief post announcing
> new releases, even sub-releases, is a good idea. Indeed I am still
> a member of the IBO-announcements listgroup (along with 788 others)
> for which there are no messages at all.
> Whether announcements are made to IBO-announcements or this list
> I dont really care, but I think you do need to acknowledge that
> some people join these lists specifically to receive information
> that may be relevant to them, which is one of the reasons there
> are so many members and so few active participants.
> The added advantage of such announcements is that those in a
> position to test the changes straight away can do so, hopefully
> highlighting any potential problems sooner rather than later.
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