Subject Re: [IBO] HDR w/o incremental search??
Author G.Allen Casteran

It's pretty well optimized. I did soem review of the SQL Plans and the
old version was doing 2 sorts on the server. Moved a where clause into
the Join clause and dropped the time to 70 secs. on my notebook. On our
new P4 servers with lots of disk and memory I get results in 38 secs.

All better, but the fact that we are having to pull 90K+ records is the
real problem.

Client just didn't get it.

Anyway. Project closed and client dumped. :)



In article <049701c27577$f1c1c080$dc756a41@CX170673E>,
jwharton@... says...
> My guess is your query is what is not functioning well.
> When you are dealing with that many records you have to have a pretty
> careful setup.
> I don't know enough about your situation to iron out your wrinkles.
> Using the SQL trace monitor would be a good starting point looking for
> things that eat up your performance.
> HTH,
> Jason Wharton