Subject Re: [IBO] GSG030. Generators and Master/Detail tables.
Author Jason Wharton
You should make the trigger only assign a value from a generator if the
NEW.COLVAL IS NULL and then in IBO put a setting in the GeneratorLinks tab
so that it will grab a value from the generator upon going into insert
state. Keep in mind if you cancel the insert or if it otherwise fails that
generator value is lost. There is a whole TI sheet dedicated to generating a
contiguous series of numbers on the web-site if you need that.

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Subject: [IBO] GSG030. Generators and Master/Detail tables.

> If the master table has a generator for its primary key field how is a
child record going
> to know what its reference field value is to be if the generated key is
calculated in an
> insert trigger?
> What is the IBObjects way of handling generators when inserting records
into both a master
> grid and a detail grid?
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