Subject slow TIBQuery-fetch
Author Boris Schlüszler

I have a problem with a very slow IBO-network-connect.

I don't know whether this is off-topic, however, this problem comes up
with IBO only...

I have a TIBQuery which does a fetch on a table. It should fetch around
4000 rows, not too many columns.
It is awfully slow. It fetches about 5 rows per second!

The situation is as follows:

I run IB6.0.1 on a dedicated Suse-Linux 2.2.18 server.
DNS should be configured correctly.

The client runs on a PII-400MHz Windoze NT 4 machine with high

So far, so clear.


I have other client machines (Win NT 4, high encryption) which do run
the program/query perfectly well and quick.

I have other server machines (Linux 2.4) which don't change anything.

So I guessed it must have something to do with the network setup of the
client, but everything else but the IBO client seems to work correctly.
It seems as if IBO required a buffer of a minimum size which the system
doesn't offer.

I don't have a glimpse of what's going on here!

Could someone give me a hint?

Regards, Boris