Subject Application Freezing
Author Helton de Oliveira
Hi all,

I built a huge application with ibo components and everything is working
fine, except some reports which are freezing. I'm using the TIB components
in general and TIBO components in reports because I use QuickReports.

One of the problematic reports need to read about 70.000 records of 20 bytes
each. It reads 80 percent of the records and them freezes.

I don't know where the problem is coming. I executed the report with BDE and
got the same result.

Does someone have an idea ? I'm really desperate about this.

Here my configuration:

Windows 2k service pack 2
IBO 4.2.Hg
QuickReports professional 3.6.2
Delphi 5 service pack 1

Thanks in advance,