Subject Re: [IBO] Problems with a long script
> When I do the metadata-extract with IB_SQL, I have problems as well. When I run
> the script, that I have created with IB_SQL, I get errors like 'Table not found
> P_SELECT_BUDGTES'. But P_SELECT_BUDGETS is a Stored Procedure.

I had a similar problem. The difficulty was the order of
definition. If you look for that procedure, you will
probably find it defined after it is used. That is something
that is difficult to cope with in the extract. Because I was
not documenting things properly, I get in a mess on one
database. Now I ONLY build from the script and make the
corrections there. I'm sure if you just swap bits around in
the script ( from IB_SQL ) then it will work, but you DO
need commits adding in the right places unless you use

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services