Subject Problems with a long script
I'm using IBExpert for the metadata-extract of my DB. Such a script has
about 11.000 lines and when I use IBExpert to execute this script, it
takes about 1 minute. When I use IBAccess for executing the script, it
takes a minute as well. Now I run the script with IB_SQL and it takes 10
seconds and the script completed without exceptions. Now I want to
commit the transaction, again it takes 10 seconds and then I get the
error: connection lost to database. Then I have no chance to commit
anymore and in the result all I get is a empty DB without any tables.
The same, when I use the TIP_Script-Component within a app. The script
executes without any exceptions and then the connection gets lost while
I have done some test with smaller scripts and then I have no problems
with executing a script with IB_SQL only with my long script.
Any ideas ?