Subject Re: [IBO] D6 pro and IBO 4.2 I compilation error
Author Jason Wharton
Oops, I forgot about that. Just ignore those packages since they require

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From: "Marco Menardi" <mmenaz@...>
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Sent: Saturday, October 05, 2002 9:54 AM
Subject: [IBO] D6 pro and IBO 4.2 I compilation error

> Hi, I've installed 4.2.I and tried to rebuild the packages:
> ---
> open package: IBO40_D6.bpg
> Build all projects
> ---
> as I usually do (I don't use runtime packages for my programs), but I've
got the following error:
> [Fatal Error] IBO40WSRT_D6.dpk(36): Required package 'websnap' not found
> and in IBO40WSRT_D6 'requires' lists some packages that I think are not
included in the Pro version of delphi (dsnap, websnap...).
> What could be wrong?
> I've copied exploded 4.2.I in an empty directory (cleaned from the
previouse IBO subrelease). Seems that IBO thinks that I've the Enterprise
version of Delphi 6... HELP!
> regards
> Marco Menardi