Subject Re: [IBO] IBO_C3 v3.7
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:39 PM 05-10-02 +0200, Maria Rita wrote:
>I am a beginner in using Interbase 6.0 and I try to evaluate IBO vs BDE
>using it with C++ BUilder 3.0 Pro (I have only this license).
>Compiling IBO_C3 v 3.7b, I receive the error
>"Access Violation at address 0085B77B in module 'BCBDCC40.dll'. Read of
>address FFFFFFFF".
>Compiling the version 3.6Dj all gones right.
>Where am I wrong ?

1. I'm not a BCB user - but is there a BCBDCC40.dll in the Builder 3 Pro

2. It was I who rebuilt the version 3.7b package, to fix some errors in
some of the Delphi DPK files and a couple of the units. Looking at the
sources now, I see that I didn't update the version info in
IB_Constants.pas. This block (near the top of the unit) currently shows:

// Version information

Try changing IB_VERSION_BUILD = 'A'; to IB_VERSION_BUILD = 'B';

I don't know why this would help, though.

The kit installs fine in Delphi 4 and 5 so this is apparently something to
do with BCB 3 - possibly something that needed to be updated in the
IBO_C3.bpk file, which has not changed since December 2000; or perhaps a
version of a BCB library that differs between the Pro and Client/Server
editions of Builder 3.

I hope Geoff or Lester will spot your message and provide some input.