Subject Re: [IBO] IBO_C3 v3.7
> >I am a beginner in using Interbase 6.0 and I try to evaluate IBO vs BDE
> >using it with C++ BUilder 3.0 Pro (I have only this license).
> >Compiling IBO_C3 v 3.7b, I receive the error
> >"Access Violation at address 0085B77B in module 'BCBDCC40.dll'. Read of
> >address FFFFFFFF".
> >Compiling the version 3.6Dj all gones right.
> >Where am I wrong ?
> 1. I'm not a BCB user - but is there a BCBDCC40.dll in the Builder 3 Pro
> package?

40. would be for Builder4 so something has been linked in
that is referencing the wrong version.

> 2. It was I who rebuilt the version 3.7b package, to fix some errors in
> Snip - should not be a problem.

> The kit installs fine in Delphi 4 and 5 so this is apparently something to
> do with BCB 3 - possibly something that needed to be updated in the
> IBO_C3.bpk file, which has not changed since December 2000; or perhaps a
> version of a BCB library that differs between the Pro and Client/Server
> editions of Builder 3.

Should not have needed any changes to the packages for

> I hope Geoff or Lester will spot your message and provide some input.

My version of IBO3 is 3.6Cf and I don't want to change that
( the two modules that use it will take some time to convert
to IBO4 so I am leaving them alone <g>).

Helen - What was added in 3.7 that would be needed? If 3.6Dj
compiled then can that be used ( with the .821 version of
firebird ).

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services