Subject RE: [IBO] IBX-IBO conversion
Author Daniel Rail
At 03/10/2002 06:13 AM, you wrote:
>you've got me interested...
>I have an application which is about ready to go - based on IBX but I'm
>having reservations... thus my query
>I notice, though, that IBO also has many visual components, e.g I have
>already subclassed the DBGrid but IBO also has one and I fear that not using
>the IBO grid would also put me at a disadvantage. Is this correct? Would I
>be advised to convert all my code to IBO related controls, and therfore
>subclass from the IBOGrid for my purposes?
>Also, I imagine that I can still use the IBX stuff for Quickreports e.g.
>where it would not work (possibly) with non descendants of TDataset?

IBO does have a module that contains TDataset descendants: TIBOQuery and
TIBOTable. So, you wouldn't have to change your grid or visual interface
in the beginning for a quick conversion. Then you could start evaluating
the IBO native components to see where they would fit and benefit your

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