Subject RE: [IBO] IBX-IBO conversion
Author Alan McDonald
you've got me interested...
I have an application which is about ready to go - based on IBX but I'm
having reservations... thus my query
I notice, though, that IBO also has many visual components, e.g I have
already subclassed the DBGrid but IBO also has one and I fear that not using
the IBO grid would also put me at a disadvantage. Is this correct? Would I
be advised to convert all my code to IBO related controls, and therfore
subclass from the IBOGrid for my purposes?
Also, I imagine that I can still use the IBX stuff for Quickreports e.g.
where it would not work (possibly) with non descendants of TDataset? I think
I've seen some king of assignment from IBOQuery to other Query components.
Is this correct?

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> >Is there a reasonable document resource around similar to the BDE-IBO
> >conversion which talks about IBX-IBO conversion?
> Not at present...the BDE-to-IBO docs used to be enough, when IBX was more
> like FreeIBComponents; but IBX has more recently become less
> client/serverish and more dependent on the TClientDataset way of doing
> things. TClientDataset has a different ancestry to TBDataset, with
> different property and method names in some cases. IBX is also very
> "bare-bones" compared with the BDE or IBO. It's just not so
> easy to slot
> in the TDatasource-compatible TIBO* properties as it is with existing BDE
> or FIB apps.
> Best advice for now would be
> 1) to compare the equivalent props and methods of IBX and the VCL data
> access components to see which names and behaviours would need to
> be addressed.
> 2) use this list rigorously to help iron out any problems that
> might crop up
> It would be a useful contribution if someone experienced with IBX
> versions
> for D6 and up were able to write up an account of what was
> needed, for the
> benefit of others coming along needing Firebird support...useful
> enough to
> earn free registration, I'm sure.
> Helen
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