Subject Re: [IBO] IBX-IBO conversion
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:11 PM 03-10-02 +1000, you wrote:
>Is there a reasonable document resource around similar to the BDE-IBO
>conversion which talks about IBX-IBO conversion?

Not at present...the BDE-to-IBO docs used to be enough, when IBX was more
like FreeIBComponents; but IBX has more recently become less
client/serverish and more dependent on the TClientDataset way of doing
things. TClientDataset has a different ancestry to TBDataset, with
different property and method names in some cases. IBX is also very
"bare-bones" compared with the BDE or IBO. It's just not so easy to slot
in the TDatasource-compatible TIBO* properties as it is with existing BDE
or FIB apps.

Best advice for now would be
1) to compare the equivalent props and methods of IBX and the VCL data
access components to see which names and behaviours would need to be addressed.
2) use this list rigorously to help iron out any problems that might crop up

It would be a useful contribution if someone experienced with IBX versions
for D6 and up were able to write up an account of what was needed, for the
benefit of others coming along needing Firebird support...useful enough to
earn free registration, I'm sure.