Subject RE: [IBO] IBX-IBO conversion
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:13 PM 03-10-02 +1000, you wrote:
>you've got me interested...
>I have an application which is about ready to go - based on IBX but I'm
>having reservations... thus my query
>I notice, though, that IBO also has many visual components, e.g I have
>already subclassed the DBGrid but IBO also has one and I fear that not using
>the IBO grid would also put me at a disadvantage. Is this correct?

No. By choosing the TDatasource-compatible(TIBO*) data access components,
you are opting not to use the native IBO controls, which link to the
TIB_Datasource and the TIB_* data access components.

>Would I
>be advised to convert all my code to IBO related controls, and therfore
>subclass from the IBOGrid for my purposes?

There is no IBOGrid. There is TIB_Grid which requires linking to TIB_Query
through a TIB_Datasource. If you have made up your mind to use the TIBO*
data access, then it makes absolute sense to stick with your TDBGrid subclass.

>Also, I imagine that I can still use the IBX stuff for Quickreports e.g.
>where it would not work (possibly) with non descendants of TDataset?

No, DON'T mix IBX data access with IBO. Use the TIBO* components for
QuickReports - unlike IBX, they are completely out-of-the-box compatible
with QR.

If you decide to go the TIB_* way (and it is well worth the effort), you
can link a TIBOQuery to your IB_Connection object (be it a TIB_Connection
or a TIB_Database) and use that quite happily with QR. I do it all the
time, being a horrible old conservative where reports are concerned (I have
some good custom QR subclasses that I don't want to waste!)

>I think
>I've seen some king of assignment from IBOQuery to other Query components.
>Is this correct?

You can assign the current SQL statement along with its current search
characteristics in either direction, using AssignSQLWithSearch. However,
the main value of this is to pass the current state of the powerful native
IB search to a TDatasource-compatible component set (such as QR), rather
than the other way. A native IBO dataset really doesn't have much (or
anything) to gain by borrowing characteristics from a
TDatasource-compatible one.