Subject Re: [IBO] New problem installing IBO on DELPHI 7
Author Geoff Worboys
> IB_Constants.pas, on IBO source package, contains the strings.
> But, IB_Constansts-XXX.pas is often out of date.

And this last lot are my fault - updates to IB_Metadata.pas
with all the localisable strings pulled out to IB_Constants.

There are over 110 of them - mostly at the bottom of
IB_Constants.pas (with a few others just a bit higher).
The new items I added are:

STR_DDL_coKeepCustomIndexNames =
// Problem level names
STD_DDL_plNone = 'None';
STD_DDL_plMinor = 'Minor';
STD_DDL_plSuspicious = 'Suspicious';
STD_DDL_plWarning = 'Warning';
STD_DDL_plError = 'Error';
// abbreviated Problem level names (to 5 characters)
STD_DDL_plNone_s = 'NONE ';
STD_DDL_plMinor_s = 'MINOR';
STD_DDL_plSuspicious_s = 'SUSP ';
STD_DDL_plWarning_s = 'WARN ';
STD_DDL_plError_s = 'ERROR';
and everything below (and including):

(I thought this may help you isolate what you need.)

Note: If you dont use the metadata extract stuff, you can
simply copy the constants from the english version and leave
them untranslated. (But I imagine Jason would appreciate the
translations done and sent back for inclusion in the next

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing