Subject Re: [IBO] New problem installing IBO on DELPHI 7
Author Luiz

IB_Constants.pas, on IBO source package, contains the strings.
But, IB_Constansts-XXX.pas is often out of date.

If you have the sources, you need to paste and copy the strings in
IB_Constants.pas that doesn't exists in the IB_Constansts-XXX.pas of your
country and update it. Otherwise, you need to expect an updated post.


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Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 3:04 PM
Subject: [IBO] New problem installing IBO on DELPHI 7

> Hello again:
> After sending the previous message to the group I went to the
> download zone of IBObject site and found a new DCU file for Delphi 7,
> so I downloaded it and tried again to install IBO.
> Now the previous problem has disapeared, but I have got a new one.
> When building, two classes of error messages appear:
> "[Error] IB_Metadata.pas: Undeclared identifier 'E_DDL_BLANK_NAME'",
> and similar messages with other constants.
> The other message is "[Error] IB_Metadata.pas: There is no overloaded
> version of 'Format' that can be called with these arguments".
> There is anything that I can do?
> Thank you.
> Enrique Cereijo