Subject PSExecuteStatement problem
Author jensdein

I am still trying to use ClientDataset's with IBOQuery and are having
some problems. I do my own resolving of updates and are trying to
execute an update statement via PSExecuteStatement. It's a simple
update like :
UPDATE SET Name = :P1 WHERE ID = :P2 AND Name = :P3

P1 = 'NewName'
P2 = 38
P3 = 'OldName'

On calling TIBODataset.PSExecuteStatement -> FQuery.ExecSQL ->
SysUpdateParams -> List.AssignValues(FParams) the AssignValues has no
effect because the parameters in FParams are not named and
AssignValues is based on assigning named parameters. In effect my SQL
is executed with null parmeters. The method SysUpdateParams is called
several times during a call to PSExecuteStatement and some of the
earlier calls seems to work as intended. The paramerters I send to
PSExecuteStatement are unnamed and this used to work fine with TQuery.

Do I have to name my parameter to make this work?
Shoulden't it be allowed to use unnamed parameters?

Jens Dein