Subject Re: [IBO] The DataTimePicker
Author Jason Wharton
You will need to go third party instead of this control. If you find a good
one, it shouldn't be too hard to make it IBO data aware. Most of the goop
for that is already in templates.

This particular control is a totally canned control that you have very
little control of.

Jason Wharton
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Subject: [IBO] The DataTimePicker

> Regarding the TIB_DateTimePicker.
> It would be useful to be able to pick the time as well as the date.
> IMO, it should not have -Time- in its name unless the time can be -picked-
with the mouse.
> E.g. when the calendar displays allow changes to the time using the mouse
by clicking on a
> time component and clicking up/down arrows or right-clicking and selecting
a number.
> My client demands this functionality.
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