Subject Re: [IBO] Connection ok in IDE but exception when run
Author Daniel Rail
At 30/09/2002 09:46 AM, you wrote:
>Is there another way to use InfoPower controls?

Just to let you know that I'm using Infopower with TIBOQuery component.

>I find InfoPower extremely useful and am very familiar with them. 2
>benefits are its richedit and filter dialogs. My intention is to use
>IBObjects for some
>things and InfoPower for others.

When using the IP filter dialogs, one of the properties tell it how to
filter. And, by using TIBOQuery, you can change it so the WHERE clause in
TIBOQuery is changed and the query re-executed.

> > and IB_Transaction with a TIBODatabase? If/when you need additional
> > transactions, you can add TIBOTransaction (not TIB_Transaction) objects.

I use TIB_Connection and TIB_Transaction, because I mix IBO native and
TDataset descendants in the same application.

Have a nice day.

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