Subject Unable to access database fields in my source code
Author John Hart
I am new to IBObjects so I bought the Getting Started
help and it has been very informative but there are
three questions that I am unable to find an answer

1) The data aware fields link to the database fields
OK but I am unable to access any database fields in
the code. eg:

ADM.qAccount.FieldByName('Desc').AsString := 'Test';
ADM.qAccount['Desc'] := 'Test';

Both respond with the runtime error
"Test.exe raised exception class EIB_Statement error
with message Fieldname: Desc not found process
What am I doing wrong?

2) How do you obtain the field type from Interbase eg
if ADM.TranType.FieldByName('Account').Datatype = ....

3)How do you obtain the Domain names from Interbase

Thank you

John Hart
Macquarie Traing Centre Pty Ltd

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