Subject RE: How to use the UpdateSQL of IB_Query???
Author pepmallorca
Hello Helen (and all the other people) !!!

You said me that the way I worked was redundant, but I think you
don't understand me what I want to do (or I don't explain good).

Now I have reduced the problem using only IB_QUERY (and the UpdateSQL

If I wan't update the actual record, it's sufficient to do:

IB_Query1.fieldbyname('name'):='Changed record';;

But I want to update a record different that the actual, I think I
need first locate the record (LOCATE is slow), and then do the
update, isn't it?

Please, could you help me about the way to work.

I wan't update a LOT of records, and it's important it's no be slow.

Really I don't need to see the information until all the changes was
made. I worked with IB_QUERY and the UpdateSQL property because was
the first idea.

I also has proved using the IB_CURSOR to do the search (more more
quicky), buy I have the same problem with the EDIT when I want update
the results. I don't know if I have to use 2 cursors or is possibly
with the same once time locate the record.

Thank you very much,