Subject Re: [IBO] Passing search critera and param values?
Author Paul Hope
Geoff and Helen - thnaks for the replies

I had assumed that AssignSQLWithSearch would pass the select clause as
well - which I didn't want. I have a selection form for printing documents
with select count(*)from , if the user likes the number selected the
printing form needs select field list from... with the same where stuff and

I have implemented it by passing the SQLWhereItems and a dynamic variable
array of variants. It is unlikely that the order of variants can get mixed
up because the where items and params are passed together.

I just wanted to check that the param value array wasn't already lurking in
there somewhere ;-)


"Geoff Worboys (TeamIBO)" <geoff@...> wrote in message
> > Don't forget about IB_BDataset.AssignSQLWithSearch()...
> I thought about mentioning that, but Paul said he had a different
> select clause and I was not sure how altering the SQL itself (after
> doing the AssignSQLWithSearch) was going to work.
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