Subject Jason - 4.2.Fp KeyDescLinks problem
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Jason,

I could not get through to your direct address so posting this via
the list in the hope that you will be able to pick it up...

I've been looking into the problems that Hie Joen has been having.
One issue the problems demonstrated was in IB_Dataset.IMP (New code
for 4.2.Fp)...

procedure TIB_Dataset.KeyToChildAction( AAction: TIB_KeyChildAction;
Info: longint );
//TIB_Row( Info ).Values[ tmpVals ] :=
// TIB_BDataset( ADataset ).Lookup(
// tmpKeyVals,
// TIB_Row( Info ).Values[ tmpKeyFlds ], tmpFlds );
TIB_Row( Info ).Values[ tmpVals ] :=
TIB_BDataset( ADataset ).Lookup(
TIB_Row( Info ).Values[ tmpKeyVals ], tmpFlds );

Where you do the .Lookup call above I think you have the tmpKeyVals
and tmpKeyFlds reversed (your code in the commented out, my
replacement code underneath).

That is; ADataset.Lookup is the LookupDataset and the tmpKeyFlds
are the key fields of the lookup dataset. TIB_Row(Info) is the Fields
row from the main dataset, and the matching fields there are given by
the tmpKeyVals string.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing