Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Re: default Display Format
Author Geoff Worboys
>>Setup display formats for your numeric domains in the
>>TIB_Connection.FieldsDisplayFormat, and turn fetDomains on in the

> Do you mean the SQL domains ? I don´t use a domain for my NUMERIC
> fields What should I write in TIB_Connection.FieldsDisplayFormat ?

> NUMERIC(9,2)=,0.00 doesn´t work

Sorry, I sort of assumed that most people use domains because they
simplify and clarify SQL code (and client definitions using the
configuration described above).

Instead you will need to alter the FieldsDisplayFormat for each
impacted field in each query:


In theory you can use the fetSQLType option in the FieldEntryTypes,
but there are some difficulties...

* It only uses the base type VARCHAR, CHAR etc and ignores the size
indicators (any stuff in brackets).

* There is no way to distinguish between NUMERIC or DECIMAL so you
need to put the entry in as
which will impact all items based on DECIMAL(*,*) or NUMERIC(*,*)

Note: The new default display is consistent with VCL TDataset based
control behaviour. Not that I necessarily believe the VCL does
everything correctly but consistency is generally a good thing.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing