Subject Re: [IBO] Feature request: ActiveAtConnect
Author TeamIBO
> 1. You'll try to change the name of internal cursors from '' to
> other else (in the TIBO layer)?
> (or, perhaps, better, can you put in all the internal datasets which
> now are '' some 'flag' (let's say a sequence of characters) to
> distinguish the 'position' (or 'status') of the dataset)

Internal datasets are owned by other datasets or ibo components. The
components you wish to work on are owned by forms or datamodules.

Indeed, if you want to write such automation, I recommend you do it on
a form/module basis. Simply cycling through the components on the
form/module. To make it generic for your apps, setup a base form
(and/or datamodule) with a TIB_ConnectionSource to configure this sort
of activity.

I also agree with Jason that dataset activation is best left to the
developer. There are just too many possibilities, and the all-out
activate everything approach would only be useful for the most simple
of applications. Anything even slightly more complicated really needs
a more specialised approach.

> 2. Can I (in any way) detect if a stored procedure is a 'Select' one?

If you are using TIB_StoredProc (not TIBOStoredProc) - which I
recommend - then there is a StoredProcForSelect property with which
you indicate the type of procedure.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing