Subject Re: [IBO] IncSearch not working at all
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 10:57 AM 25-01-02 +0000, you wrote:
>Ok, I updated to IBO 4.2Fp, rebuilt everything, but no change. Inc
>Searching still behaves really weird. In the current state, I must
>say that it is not usable at all.
>Still, typing letters jumps to wrong entries or doesn't find entries
>at all.
>Helen, Jason, ... anyone ... could someone please confirm that there
>is a bug in either my implementation (hopefully) or in IBO itself?

I've just checked up on the IncSearch behaviour in the book.dpr project (see the iBook project of the gsg_proj code and test the Find Country dialog from the toolbar of the main form). With v.4.2.Fp it's still behaving as expected, no changes to code.

Why not load that project up and test it with your installation?

The behaviour you describe is somehow what might be expected if you have nulls among the data of the searched columns...if you had it working before and it's not working now, could it be that someone has entered some non-null data in the meantime?

Some of the "problems" you describe are not misbehaviour, even with all valid data. In a case-sensitive search with a low POS setting, it's quite like that an all-uppercase representation will be found first. Some of the other behaviours look like nulls are affecting things.

If you don't have the data constrained in some way, to be not null, or alternatively, to post empty string where the user doesn't supply values, then you are likely to get odd behaviour at some point.

I'm not saying this is the whole solution to your problem but, as they say in all good detective stories, "Cherchez les data".

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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