Subject Re: IncSearch not working at all
Author mircostange

I downloaded the GSG iBook project and tried. Everything is working
ok as you said.

Now I tried to figure out what is different in my project.

First, my db is dialect 3, this shouldn't make a difference though.

Second, my table has far more entries in it (normally 300). This
seems to make a real difference. I deleted all but 5. With this set,
it seems to work. Is there some limitation how much data inc search
can handle?
I would not expect IncSearch to find records not yet fetched.
However, I scrolled through my grid all the way down and tried Inc
Search, it still doesn't work.

Your comments about case-sensitivity are correct, but the sequence I
typed still produces wrong results. Furthermore, no nulls are in the

See my previous description of the behaviour:

> (a) type "I" => item "IG/L Chain" is selected [ok]
> (b) type "g" => item "IG/L Chain" remains selected, which is strange
> because inc search should be case sensitive and there is an
> item "IgA" below.
> (c) type "A" => item "IgA" is selected [ok again]
> (d) clear selection and type in "Y" => nothing happens, althogh
> there is an item "Yeast"
> (e) clear the selection and type "Hema" => selection jumps on
> "HDL" although there is an item "Hematokrit"
> (d) type backspace => selection jumps on "Hematokrit" [ok again]

No matter whether case-sensitive or not, the behaviour above is wrong.