Subject Re: [IBO] IncSearch not working at all
Author TeamIBO
> Ok, I updated to IBO 4.2Fp, rebuilt everything, but no change. Inc
> Searching still behaves really weird. In the current state, I must
> say that it is not usable at all.

I think the problem is most likely in your configuration somewhere.

First item: Check your character definitions - what character set(s)
are used in the database, versus what you connect with versus what
sort order is used in your Windows configuration.

Second item: Try to reproduce the problem is a simple separate
application - for example using the employee.gdb database. Just
attempting to reproduce a problem can often highlight where the issue
is. And if you still get the problem on the simple database then you
have something to send for us to demonstrate the problem.

I was just looking back, wondering why you were getting frustrated
with the lack of response - and I see that there were four or five
different postings with no response. I suspect the problem was that
most of the additional postings were replies to the first. (This is
not a good idea.) I generally setup threading to check back against
what seems to have been missed (and in the newsgroup mirror that is
what you get by default). When viewed as threads your additional posts
dont show up (other than making it appear that someone has been
responding to your original question).

So my advice to all is; when posting a new question, or when reposting
a question for which you received no response, post a NEW MESSAGE and
NOT a reply. This will give you the best chance of having your
message seen.

Conversely, if responding to an existing thread please DO use reply
and it makes it much easier to keep track of what has happened.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing