Subject Re: [IBO] getting started
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 10:20 PM 24-01-02 -0600, ed graff wrote:

>This is the problem i have delphi ver 3 standard and when i try the demos
>none of them work
>ie: tutorial #1 database unavailable;
>tutorial #2 database unavailable; when i have ibserver running i get cannot
>attach password to database;
>tutaorial #3 cannot attach paswword to database;

OK, I don't have Delphi 3 or IBO 3 installed on my system, so I can't look at this live for you. However, starting with Tutorial 1, you should see (for the connection object) blank Server, Path and Database properties. Please confirm this.

Do you see a property PasswordStorage on this component? or is there instead a property RememberPassword? Please answer this.

Inspect the code in the FormCreate and InitializeConnection methods of TFormTutorial1. If the SYSDBA password doesn't match those for your server, change it. If you are connecting to a remote server, change the code for the Protocol property to 'cpTCP_IP' instead of 'cpLocal' and change the code for the Server property to be the name of your server (as identified on your machine in HOSTS file) instead of an empty string.

Once the initial code is correct for this demo, you will simply run the project in the IDE and it will create the database for you, and populate it with data. After you close the app and return to the IDE, you should see the appropriate properties for connecting have been written in for you.

That's all that first demo does.

The main form on the second demo inherits from the first. If you already created the database in demo 1, then demo 2 will connect to it (provided you update the code to reflect any variations you made in demo 1); otherwise it will use the inherited behaviour and create the database before connecting to it. When you open the project, press Ctrl-F12 and bring all of the project units up into your IDE. Inspect the code to see what's going on.

That will probably do, to get you going through the demos. One demo adds to another. Just provide answers to those two questions and then I'll know whether it is necessary to explain how to set up the password options.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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