Subject Re: [IBO] HELP! IncSearch! HELP! PLEASE...
Author Daniel Rail
Comments below.

At 24/01/2002 10:11 AM, you wrote:
>Sorry to bother the group again, but I still didn't have feedback on
>my question below, but I really desperately need help there. I am
>running out of options what else to try and am really locked.

Don't feel sorry. Sometimes due to the amount emails sent, one's email can
be overlooked.

> > However, running the application against my db with 530 items
> > in the following strange behaviour:
> >
> > (a) type "I" => item "IG/L Chain" is selected [ok]
> > (b) type "g" => item "IG/L Chain" remains selected, which is strange
> > because inc search should be case sensitive and there is an
> > item "IgA" below.

Look in your column attributes in the TIB_Query. There's a way to make
sure that it's case sensitive, by checking off the YES CASE. As for what
is mentioned below, reverify when doing this. Also, I would suggest to
upgrade to version 4.2Fp, because there are some bug fixes related to the
Lookup and Locate methods, these might have something to do with the
incremental search(I'm not sure on how the code actually works, I'm just
guessing here)

> > (c) type "A" => item "IgA" is selected [ok again]
> > (d) clear selection and type in "Y" => nothing happens, althogh
> > there is an item "Yeast"
> > (e) clear the selection and type "Hema" => selection jumps on
> > "HDL" although there is an item "Hematokrit"
> > (d) type backspace => selection jumps on "Hematokrit" [ok again]
> >
> > PLEASE, does anyone have an idea what is wrong here?
> >
> > Mirco

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