Subject Incremental Search Problems
Author mircostange
Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to set up incremental searching with IBO, but
have encountered some problems.

I think I have followed the steps described in the GSG, but the
result is different here. I have a query with quite a number of
entries and would like to inc search with the "name"-field.
Having set up a query, and (for testing purposes) an inc search edit
control, I tried several cases:
(a) type "I" => item "IG/L Chain" is selected [ok]
(b) type "g" => item "IG/L Chain" remains selected, which is strange
because inc search should be case sensitive and there is an
item "IgA" below.
(c) type "A" => item "IgA" is selected [ok again]
(d) clear selection and type in "Y" => nothing happens, althogh
there is an item "Yeast"
(e) clear the selection and type "Hema" => selection jumps on
"HDL" although there is an item "Hematokrit"
(d) type backspace => selection jumps on "Hematokrit" [ok again]

Anyone has an idea what's going wrong here? The behavior is much the
same with a lookup combo and a grid with inc search enabled, so this
doesn't seem to be a problem in the inc search edit.

Sorry for being a little unspecific. I can post the code of a sample
form if anyone is interested.

Thanks in advance