Subject Connection .. and time
Author Wojciech Materna
FiestaHello! (Sorry for my English)
I am using D5,IBO,IB6(on Win or Linux) and my problem is, that when
first time I make a connection to database - this can spend up to 20
It is not network problem (testing on Linux, Windows, Local)
When I use few databases on one place (for example form) then I must wait
much time before that form can be displayed to user. Queries are very little
(not many records fetched).
I am using model like this : create connection, than connect, than starting
I am using IBOTable, IBOQuery becouse of many dataaware controls I need.
What can I do to speed up this moment. How much time it can take (when
working good)?
Thanks for any suggestion.
Wojciech Materna