Subject Re: [IBO] Quick Refresher on bit logical arithmetic
> select datetime from meetings
> where extract(day from datetime) >= 15 // Earliest for 3rd Wed
> and extract(day from datetime) <= 21 // Latest for 3rd Wed
> and extract(weekday from datetime) = 3 // Must be a Wed

No it's not a date - it's 5 bits for the five weeks of the
month + 3 bits for the day, if it's on every Wednesday, then
all five bits are set, and the last three bits are 3. The
problem is I want to match single bits of the word -
something that I don't think can be done in SQL.

I've created a UDF now and it seems to be working OK.

I was just wanting to check that I actually needed to <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services