Subject Re: [IBO] New IBO subrelease and RB
Author TeamIBO
> TIB_ColumnComp and TIB_ColumnCurr no more exists. Which type should
> I use instead of?

Neither, just comment out those. I have adjusted the code as

if IsNumeric then begin //...TIB_ColumnNumBase descendant
if (FWorkingColumn is TIB_ColumnSmallInt) then begin
{NOTE: RB uses dtInteger for smallint...}
Result := dtInteger;
end else if (FWorkingColumn is TIB_ColumnInteger) then begin
Result := dtLongint;
end else if (FWorkingColumn is TIB_ColumnNumeric) then begin
if FWorkingColumn.IsCurrencyDataType then
Result := dtCurrency
Result := dtExtended;
end else if (FWorkingColumn is TIB_ColumnFloat) then begin
Result := dtSingle;
end else if (FWorkingColumn is TIB_ColumnDouble) then begin
Result := dtDouble;

Note particularly the lines:
if FWorkingColumn.IsCurrencyDataType then
Result := dtCurrency

The ColumnCurr and ColumnComp were not actually fully implemented in
previous versions of IBO anyway. So their removal is no loss.

It is time we rationalised the various copies of the RB pipeline.
There is the old version distributed with IBO that is well out of
date. There is the RB5.5 version that I put in the list files area
(plus a copy of daIBO). I think there is also an RB6 variation around
somewhere - anyone know where this is?

Can anyone using a different version please post details here so we
can decide what needs to be collated and then hopefully we can get
together a single collection to support.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing