Subject faster lookups ?
Author Duilio Foschi
I am porting a large application to C/S using FB, D3 and IBO.

The main goal is to dump DBF tables and CDX indexes and have precious data
stored in a reliable database.

I don't have the time to make big changes to the application, so I am using
IBO objects (as opposed to IB_ objects) for a quick porting.

At the same time I cannot let the application become too slow.

One of my worries is:

the application makes large use of lookup fields: the current table stores
a code but the user sees a description.

All the lookups are done via the following code:

with Table2 do
if GoToKey then

I am worried that retaining this code could make the application too slow.

Is there a quick alternative way to do lookups ?

Or maybe I shouldn't worry ?

What do you suggest ?

Thank you

Duilio Foschi