Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_SearchPanel.GridLinks & Prepared Query problem...
Author TeamIBO
> Buf this way (without Unprepare) work in previos subrelease... I
> found this only in IBO 4.2 Fn and kill ~10 min for localize this
> situation in my sources...

Such things happen to the best of us. I compared the 4.2.E and 4.2.Fn
releases and can see that some changes were made by K.Z. Regrettably
no description was given at the top of the unit, but AFAICT the
changes mainly attempted to clean up some aspects of the panel to make
it more dynamic and provide better handling of labels.

I am surprised that these changes made the difference that you
describe, because even in the earlier release there were various
function calls that depended only on "Prepared". So AFAICT the fact
that your code worked before must have been a matter of good luck.

I can see where it is confusing that altering a control attribute is
impacted by a query that is only prepared, not active. But it is very
much the way that IBO works. IBO attempts various sorts of validation
and initialisation at the time a query is prepared (thats when the
columns are defined etc). So it is only natural that the controls
validate property changes against the query if it is prepared.

As a general rule of thumb: If you intend to change a query and the
update various controls to reflect that change then:
1. change the query first
(which will cause the prepared state to be reset if necessary),
2. update your controls
3. prepare/open your changed query.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing