Subject Re: [IBO] Query Execution Time
Author TeamIBO
> For some reason I was under the impression that interbase actually
> provided these timings.

Thats what IB_Profiler gives you access to the statistics provided by
IB/FB - but remember that these are SERVER figures, they will not give
you any indication of the network overheads involved.

You can also get various timing details from TIB_Monitor. If you need
to be able to process those timings directly then I suggest that what
you would need to do is to create your own variation of TIB_Monitor.
Instead of output to a dialog you would maintain some sort of internal
track of the times of each api execution - and these are the times you
would need to be able to truly exclude network times. As you will see
when you look at TIB_Monitor such an exercise is NOT a minor task (not
that difficult, just lots of code required).

The only other choice is stuff internal to your application, but those
may be distorted by event handler calls. It depends on exactly where
and what you want to measure.

And yes, Callbacks will distort your results. But then results on a
multi-tasking environment can be distorted by outside influence

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing