Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_SearchPanel.GridLinks & Prepared Query problem...
Author Dmitry Beloshistov
Hello, Geoff!
You wrote to "Dmitry Beloshistov" <> on Sat, 19 Jan
2002 21:19:51 +1100:

>> 2Jason - it`s bug? Or I must always call Unprepare method
>> (TIB_Grid.GridLinks work success with Prepared or Unprepared
>> queryes)...

GWT> The grid is partially active while ever the dataset is prepared.
GWT> If you intend to change the query sql (to have the field so named)
GWT> anyway then unprepare because you will need to prepare again after
GWT> you alter the SQL.

GWT> So no, IMO it is not a bug. You just need to do things in the
GWT> correct order.

Thanks, Geoff!

Buf this way (without Unprepare) work in previos subrelease... I found this
only in IBO 4.2 Fn and kill ~10 min for localize this situation in my

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