Subject Re: [IBO] Connection problem
This sould like a normal networking problem, so we need to
establish a few things.

First is TCP/IP intalled and working properly.

Not sure on W95, but you should be able to open a 'Command
Prompt' window and do an ping.

Ping xx.xx.xx.xx - for the address


Ping machine name

Both the local and the server addresses and machine names
should 'pass' if the machine names do not, then the HOSTS
file can not be seen. If you edited it, did windows do it's
usual trick of add '.txt' when it saved?

Next step is to use IB_SQL to try and connect to the server,
this gives a few messages when it fails, which can help
identify the next level of problems.

Let us know the results.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services